Community Involvement

What is a Community Coalition?


At The Alliance, we believe in facilitating change and healing through engaging concerned citizens.  Among our four-county outreach areas, we have helped organize collaborative groups to better serve you.  We refer to these groups of proactive, concerned citizens as “coalitions.” Joplin, Carthage, Newton and McDonald Counties are all addressing the needs of their communities through these coalitions.  With the assistance of the four coalitions, training’s, education, and mentorship opportunities are changing lives.  Last year alone, each of our coalitions recorded a total of 520 community collaborative activities.  These activities included training’s and educational seminars centered on prevention of the following issues:

  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Substance and alcohol use among minors
  • Dating violence
  • Childhood sexual abuse
  • Bullying
  • School safety

Involving local residents, teachers, coaches, and business professionals in our programming is how our coalitions thrive.  By doing so, The Alliance is building stronger and healthier communities.


Community Coalitions

Carthage Caring Communities
Contact: Renee Laney
417-358-3270 or

Newton County Community Coalition
(The coalition is now led by Crowder College)
Contact: Tal Clubbs
417-451-3223 or

McDonald County Coalition
Contact: Lacey Matney
417-782-9899 or

Safe Teens/Safe Kids Coalition
Contact: Kevin Theilen
417-782-9899 or



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