Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention


Teen drug use and violence is an epidemic in our society. Substances have become increasingly available to youth, and it is often difficult to keep up with the ever-changing makeup of these substances. A third of our agency’s programming is dedicated to the education of youth and adults regarding the very real dangers of substance abuse, including alcohol and illegal drugs. Our Regional Youth Summit is just one example of how we bring area teens together to combat the daily challenges of peer pressure in schools. Each quarter, area teens unite under one roof to enjoy fellowship, education, and brainstorming centered on the prevention of drug use.

Drug Free Communities, Carthage and Newton County – Teen Substance Use Prevention:

The Alliance leads a Drug Free Communities Program in Carthage and works with the Newton County Community Coalition.  Both programs focus on the prevention of substance use and unsafe activities among area teens.  The Alliance works to educate teens, parents, and local retailers about the dangers of substance use, including underage drinking, illegal drug use, and over-the-counter/prescription drug abuse.  In conjunction with increased awareness and education, DFC organizes safe and structured activities for youth, designed to provide a healthy alternative to unsafe and risky behaviors.

For more information about Carthage DFC, contact Renee Laney at 417-358-3270 or

Full Potential

Full Potential is a program which offers assistance with registration fees and equipment for most youth sports.  The program strives to give every child who wishes to participate in youth sports the opportunity.

For information about how to apply or how to donate to Full Potential contact Lisa Bushnell at 417-782-9899 or


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