1601 At the Core of Community

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New Building = New and Improved Opportunities

core /k么r/: the central or most important part of something.

The Alliance has provided enduring collaboration and essential services in Southwest Missouri since its inception.

For over 20 years, the Alliance has served more than 334,000 people in a four-county area. We have rented space at numerous locations, always temporarily. In 2019, the Alliance received the generous donation of a building located at 1601 S. Wall.

The building was constructed in 1906 by the congregation of the First Church of Christ, Scientist. The facility is historical and structurally unique for the time of its construction due to the use of concrete blocks. The total gross building area is 14,816 square feet. This new building means we will have significantly more space than previously occupied by the Alliance at a fraction of the operating and overhead cost.

The building exterior
The entry way stained glass window
Side view of our building
Alt. entry way stained glass window
Street view of building
Stained glass in the sanctuary


A new building not only represents a permanent home for the Alliance; but, more importantly, new opportunities to better serve children, families, and the communities of Southwest Missouri. We hope to raise $1,500,000 to complete the renovation of this beautiful building.

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How Much We’ve Raised

Campaign Goals:

Renovated facility space will enable The Alliance to provide:

  • A conference room for collaborative work
  • An auditorium for conferences and events
  • A meeting hall for parenting classes and community trainings
  • Child care rooms to accommodate the parents and caregivers while participating in classes
  • A functional kitchen for preparing and serving meals
  • On-site storage for programs
  • Incubator space for social service agencies and not for profit organizations
  • Administrative offices

Campaign Objectives:

Goal 1: Make a Greater Impact on Kids and Families


  • Offer more opportunities onsite
  • Increase educational programming by expanding space for direct services and future program growth
  • Improve prevention initiatives by expanding space for collaborative activities

Goal 2: Improve as a Community Resource


  • Enhance stewardship of existing resources through long-term cost savings
  • Increase availability as a community resource by developing appropriate space for meetings, events, and incubation

Goal 3: Establish a Permanent, Physical Home in Southwest Missouri


  • Create consistency by establishing a recognizable and permanent location for services
  • Address traditional storage obstacles by centralizing storage
  • Contribute to the revitalization of the surrounding neighborhood