Meet A Need – Make A Difference

September 2, 2014

Are you looking for a way to help families, students or the community?  There are many areas our non-profit funding does not reach.  Believe me when I tell you, we are stretching our dollars to serve our community through 10 programs. Below is a wish list I’ve collected from staff. If you can help, please do! …..

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Get Involved! Week 7 – Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

October 1, 2014

There are many ways you can get involved in preventing child sexual abuse. If you or your organization are interested in scheduling a “Stewards of Children” child sexual abuse education please email me at or call 417-782-9899. What can you do in your community? Ask that schools and organizations have child sexual abuse prevention …..

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Suspect Child Abuse? Act on that Suspicion! Week 6 – Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

September 24, 2014

Act on Suspicions.  The future well being on a child is at stake!  By acting on suspicions of child sexual abuse, you will save not only one child, but perhaps countless others!  Many of those who sexually abuse children have multiple victims! You may be faced with a situation where you suspect abuse but don’t …..

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If your child reports child sexual abuse how do you react? WEEK 5 – Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

September 17, 2014

Make A Plan!  Learn where to go, whom to call, and how to react.                    Don’t overreact. If a child breaks an arm or runs a high fever, you know to stay calm and where to seek help because you’ve mentally prepared yourself.  Reacting to child sexual abuse is the same.  Your reactions have a powerful …..

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Learn the Signs of Sexual Abuse – A School Counselors Story! WEEK 4 – Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

September 10, 2014

Stay Alert Don’t expect obvious signs when a child is being sexually abused.  Signs are often there but you’ve got to spot them! Learn the Signs Physical signs of sexual abuse are not common, although redness, rashes or swelling in the genital area, urinary tract infections, or other such symptoms should be carefully investigated.  Also, physical problems …..

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This mom didn’t see her child’s abuse! WEEK 3 – Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

September 3, 2014

Talk About it!  One survey showed that fewer than 30 % of parents ever discusses sexual abuse with their children.  And event then, most failed to mention that the abuser might be an adult friend of family member. Good communication may decrease a child’s vulnerability to sexual abuse and increase the likelihood that the child …..

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