Who’s not selling alcohol to minors in Jasper County ……

November 25, 2014

At a recent Jasper County Compliance Check the below Jasper County businesses DID NOT sell alcohol to minors.  If you are at their business Thank them!  Sadly, 15 other businesses did sell alcohol to minors. Discount Smokes (N. Main in Webb City) Cigs and Suds Discount Express Mazoo Liquor (Baker St. in Carthage) Price Cutter (Carthage) Snak …..

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Need Help With Sporting Gear or Registration Fees?

November 17, 2014

Full Potential Program: Full Potential is an Alliance program which offers assistance with registration fees and equipment for most youth sports. The program strives to give every child who wishes to participate in youth sports the opportunity. For information about how to apply or how to donate to Full Potential contact Marlissa Diggs at 417-358-3270 or …..

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I am laughing at my over confidence because I learned……..

November 14, 2014

Lacey Matney is a new employee of The Alliance of Southwest Missouri.  She is the McDonald County Project CARE Coordinator and her office is housed in Noel.  Lacey recently attended The Alliance’s Child Parent Relationship Training, taught by counselor Joyce Wilkinson.  The 10 week CPRT class was hosted by the McDonald County Coalition under the direction of …..

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Things Dads should STOP Doing – Week 1

November 5, 2014

The transition from childless adult to being responsible for the life of another human being is dynamic and life altering. Sleep becomes a luxury and sex, at times, a distant memory. Yet, to become a father is such a beautiful honor and the unconditional love that we have for that child mandates that we make …..

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