January 23, 2017

Hey Everyone! I found a really awesome post online about keeping your kids safe while on YouTube.  I know my 5 year old daughter loves to watch surprise eggs and family challenges, but I hate when I find some of the oddest suggestions coming up she could potentially click on.  Check out this post from …..

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Reading With Your Child

January 6, 2017

Educare is an Alliance program providing support to qualifying area child care providers. Educare sees first hand working with kids in the centers that reading with them at an early age makes a big difference in their development.  Read on to find out the importance of reading with your child.  “Children learn to love the …..

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Boredom Busters

December 23, 2016

It’s that time of year when the kids are out of school for a long period of time and they may come to say the dreaded words “I’m Bored”.  They get so much stimulation from being at school during the day, a week off can be tough to keep them entertained all day long.  Check …..

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Fatal Tiny Powerful Packets – How To Prevent the Unthinkable

August 25, 2016

Tiny Powerful Laundry Packets Attract Children That Can Be Fatal Life has been getting easier and less complicated with all the new modern conveniences around.  From gadgets, to the simplest idea you wonder, why didn’t I think of that? The not so new wave of laundry packets was, introduced in the United States in 2012 …..

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my child is being bullied… what do I do???

November 19, 2015

Submitted by Andrew Farthing, a MSSU Communication Intern at The Alliance. Braces, glasses or simply looking different than someone else; are any of these good enough reasons for children to be bullied? Here at The Alliance of SWMO we believe that NO ONE should ever be bullied. In today’s post we are going to teach you …..

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How Do I Talk to My Children to Prevent Child Abuse – Question 4

August 12, 2015

My child refused to kiss his grandpa and I was so embarrassed. What should I do? Let children decide for themselves how, or if, they want to express affection. Children should not be forced to hug or kiss someone if they are uncomfortable. Even if they are your favorite aunt, uncle or cousin, your child …..

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