Porn’s Dirty Little Secret – and how it is affecting our children today.

Join us April 12, 2016 during our Community Hope Conference to learn more about Porn and how it is affecting our children today.  Get a glimpse at Clarke Cayton’s workshop “Clicking for Love in All the Wrong Places” by viewing the video below.

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Clicking for Love in All the Wrong Places: How Porn is Shaping Sexual Behavior in Teens
Speaker: Clarke Cayton, Director of Extension Services for LifeChoices
8:30 am – 10:00 am

The average young person in America today is first exposed to porn by the age of 11. It has quickly become the dominate form of sexual education for teens and is informing youth how sexual relationships happen and what behaviors are to be expected. Teens that watch porn are more likely to start having sex sooner, have more sexual partners, be in an abusive relationship, engage in riskier types of sex, and be more at risk for contracting STI/STDs.

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