Who’s not selling alcohol to minors in Jasper County ……

At a recent Jasper County Compliance Check the below Jasper County businesses DID NOT sell alcohol to minors.  If you are at their business Thank them!  Sadly, 15 other businesses did sell alcohol to minors.

Discount Smokes (N. Main in Webb City)

Cigs and Suds

Discount Express

Mazoo Liquor (Baker St. in Carthage)

Price Cutter (Carthage)

Snak Attack (Central in Carthage)

Bullseye Convenience Store

66 Food Mart

Dave’s Mini Mart (Maiden Ln. in Joplin)

State Line Convenience Store

Hogs and Hot Rods

Paddock Liquor

Snak Attack (S. Main in Joplin)

Whiskey Dick’s

Kwik Stop

Horton’s Pizza

Casey’s (N. Main in Joplin)

Kum N Go (Zora and Rangeline)

Walgreens (W. 7th St. in Joplin)

Zip Trip (703 W. 7th in Joplin)

Zip Trip (1102 W. 7th in Joplin)

OK Bar and Billiards

Pistol Creek Liquor

Fastrip (Hazel St. in Carthage)

Fastrip (Jasper)

Flyin’ J Truck Stop

Fastrip (32nd St. in Joplin)

Mazoo Liquor (Sarcoxie)

Caseys (Sarcoxie)

Kum N Go (Sarcoxie)


Caseys (Central in Carthage)

The Wagon

Flyin’ W

What are alcohol compliance checks?

Alcohol compliance checks are a type of environmental prevention that deters alcohol outlets from selling alcohol to underage youth. Law enforcement officials supervise undercover youth who attempt to purchase alcohol; if the attempt is successful, the establishment is penalized. Compliance checks are thought to be most effective when they are frequent, well publicized, and well designed; solicit community support; and impose penalties on the licensed establishment rather than just the server.

How do alcohol compliance checks reduce underage drinking and its consequences?

Frequent use of compliance checks decreases alcohol sales to minors significantly and are associated with reduced alcohol-related injuries. By decreasing alcohol availability, compliance checks are believed to also reduce alcohol-related problems and crime among youth. Nationally, according to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, an estimated 7.6 percent of past-month drinkers purchased their own alcohol the last time they drank. Variations by state ranged from 3.1 percent to 18.8 percent.

How can my community take this action?

Take the following steps to initiate or strengthen compliance checks:

Engage the media.

To understand why compliance checks are needed and aren’t a way to target and unnecessarily punish merchants, the community needs to understand the frequency of illegal alcohol purchases by youth; the nature and rate of youth alcohol-related problems within the community; and the link among alcohol availability, consumption, and alcohol-related problems. Media advocacy may be needed to convince a skeptical community and law enforcement to commit resources to implementing these checks.

Use social media to expand public outreach.

Consider using electronic media (e.g., websites and e-mail lists) and social media (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) to raise awareness about your compliance check–related activities and to get input from the community.










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