Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons

What is our Drivers Education Program?

To better prepare our area and youth for driving, we have created a robust behind-the-wheel, drivers education program. It is taught by certified National Safety Council instructors, and broken down into six modules to ensure all concepts are being grasped. 

The complete program consist of a total of six modules. Each module has been created to increase in complexity as students master each driving skill. Below are highlights of each level. Each level will include more instruction than what is listed. 

  • Module 1: Know your vehicle, braking, turning
  • Module 2: Lane changes, speed and brake control, curb parking
  • Module 3: Hill parking, yielding, turnabouts, diverging diamonds, heavy traffic, navigating curves, preventing over-correction
  • Module 4: Single lane and multi-lane highways, interstate experience, traffic signs, passing, interactions while driving, night driving
  • Module 5: Freeway focus, breakdown procedures, bad weather driving, safety features of vehicle, “Move Over” law, prep for drivers exam
  • Module 6: Parallel parking, backing up safely, road test

In order for a student to pass this course and receive their certificate of completion, they must pass all six modules. Ideally, this would happen with six lessons; however, if a student needs more time focusing on a specific module, then additional lessons are available.

Lesson Options

6 Lessons (+ Defensive Driving Course)


6 Lessons


Refresher Course (3 Lessons) 


  • 6 hours of behind the wheel training
  • PLUS 4 hours of classroom training
  • Two certificates earned!
  • $45 savings! 

available to permit and licensed drivers

  • 4 hours of behind the wheel training
  • Certificate earned (if all six modules are passed) 

available to permit and licensed drivers

  • 3 hours of behind the wheel training

only available to licensed drivers and no certificate will be earned

Why Choose Us?

Over 30 years of experience!

Lessons for teens and adults!

One-on-one appointments that fit your schedule!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Any cancellations less than 24 hours in advanced will receive a $30 charge. 

We provide a National Safety Council approved vehicle to conduct the lessons, students will not need to provide their car for lessons. 

Possibly! We highly encourage you to contact your insurance agent directly and ask if it will qualify the driver for a discount. 

Yes! You will need a valid Missouri drivers permit to be applicable for drivers lessons.

Sign Up for a Course

To learn more about and sign up for Driving Lessons, please email driving@theallianceofswmo.org or call (417) 782-9899.