Drug Endangered Children Coalition

Drug Endangered Children Coalition

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Stepping up to break the cycle.

One caring adult can change a drug endangered child’s life. Step out into your community and step up to be the one.

What is the Southwest Missouri Alliance for Drug Endangered Children?

DEC identifies children affected by substance misuse environments as early as possible and intervenes appropriately. Through training and technical assistance, the program coordinates multiple organizations to provide critical support for children and their families.

How can the Drug Endangered Children program help?

This multidisciplinary strategy brings together the best from local, regional, and national stakeholders to increase the likelihood of better outcomes for drug-endangered children. By working together, we can help break the generational cycle of substance misuse.

How do I learn more about the Drug Endangered Children program?

To learn more about the program, get in touch with Marlissa Diggs:

Call Marlissa at 417-782-9899