Missouri Reentry Program

Missouri Reentry Program

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Open doors for opportunity.

Adjusting to life after prison can be difficult. Through the Missouri Reentry Program (MRP), ex-offenders get support to seamlessly rejoin our communities.

What is Missouri Reentry Program?

In partnership with the Missouri Department of Corrections, the MRP helps improve the transition process for those leaving prison. By tapping into an integrated support network, the program gives people what they need to become successful, productive and taxpaying citizens upon their release.

How does the Missouri Reentry program help?

Through a referral process, the MRP provides tangible support to ex-offenders in the form of housing assistance and sustainable employment resources.

How can I access the Missouri Reentry program?

To learn more, get in touch with Marlissa Diggs:

Call Marlissa at (417) 782-9899