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Mapping out roadway safety.

Before getting behind the wheel on their own, it’s important for teens to know how to drive safely. Through this certified course and hands on training, they’ll be prepared for the road ahead.

What is Roadway Safety?

We make roads safer through defensive driving, drivers education, and interactive learning experiences.

Defensive Driving

Designed for drivers 15 and up with a learner’s permit, this classroom-style course covers:

  • State and local traffic laws
  • Distracted driving prevention
  • Safe driving practices

Drivers Education

Designed for permit drivers to learn skills with a National Safety Council-certified instructor through interactive behind-the-wheel lessons:

  • Put learning to the test with a trained expert.
  • Practice multiple facets of driving through our 6-module curriculum.
  • Prepare to pass the state license exam.

Interactive Learning Experiences

Designed for classrooms and community settings to help kids make safe decisions now and in the future.

  • Driving simulator.
  • Mock impairment activities including use of fatal vision goggles.
  • Seatbelt use training.

How does Roadway Safety help?

Our Roadway Safety program makes roadways safer for kids, grown-ups, and communities by teaching safe driving skills through defensive driving classes, behind-the-wheel drivers education, and interactive learning experiences.

How can I get started with Roadway Safety?

To learn more about the programs, get in touch with Marilynn Hurst:

Call Marilynn at (417) 782-9899