Sources of Strength

Sources of Strength

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Unlocking the strength to keep going.

There is strength in every student. This upstream model emphasizes multiple sources of support, or protective factors, for young people, so that when times get hard, they have strengths to rely on.

What is Sources of Strength?

With the goal of youth suicide prevention, the peer-to-peer program matches peer leaders and adult advisors with school-aged youth to help them see how their interests can be used as support during trying times.

How does Sources of Strength help?

The program is grounded in an interactive learning model that uses games to stoke student engagement. By tapping into what makes a student unique, the program gives peer leaders and adult advisors the tools they need to provide ongoing support.

How do I get started with Sources of Strength?

To learn more about the program, get in touch with Tammy Blaylock: