Parent Cafes

What are Parent Cafes?

Parent Cafes are a series of three group conversations for parents where you can: 

  • Meet new people
  • Make new friends
  • Get new ideas
  • Share your hopes and dreams for your family
  • Engage in positive conversation
  • Learn about community resources

Are Parent Cafes for me?

Are you a parent, grandparent, or another person who is actively involved in raising a child? If so, the answer is “yes”! 

Where do they take place?

At child care centers, schools, churches, community organizations, businesses — places where parents feel welcome.

Is there free child care? Food?

We do provide free child care and food for participants!

How are they different than regular conversations?

At the Parent Cafe, parents use a tried and true process and set of questions to draw out the thoughts, feelings, and experiences they need to talk about. Having these conversations helps build 5 Protective Factors that keep your family strong. 

Will I feel safe talking about difficult things?

Parent Cafes are all about bringing difficult situations and emotions to the surface, bearing witness to each other, and building the strength we need to be good parents. To make sure that happens, Parent Cafes create a safe environment where participants: 

  • Speak from their own experience, using “I” statements
  • Listen attentively and don’t interrupt 
  • Don’t put down themselves or others
  • Refrain from giving advice
  • Keep confidentiality

Contact Information

To learn more about Parent Cafes, please contact Peggy Lentz at (417) 782-9899 or at