Programs at a Glance

All ten programs that the Alliance runs have their own pages, but that can add up to a lot of reading. If you’re pressed for time or just looking for the basics, then read on for a brief description of each of our community-focused programs.

Infant Toddler Specialist Network

This program improves the lives of children and early childhood professionals within our counties. It provides training, support, consultation, and technical assistance, all specialized for infants and toddlers.

Child Care Aware of Missouri

Improving the quality of local childcare is what Child Care Aware is all about. To accomplish this, they provide training, education, quality standards, coaching, business supports, and policy work to local childcare services.


Educare is focused on supporting early childhood development and providing quality early education. This program works toward those goals by providing consultation, support, technical assistance, and training to state-contracted childcare providers.

Safe Kids

Like the program’s name implies, this one is all about keeping the children in our communities safe. Safe Kids supplies education over car seat usage, car passenger safety, and even distracted driving. The program also gives out information over fire, bicycle, pedestrian, and cyber safety. 

Driving Education

Driving can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never learned how. Whether you’re a teenager getting their first car or an adult picking up a new skill, this program has classes for you. If you already know how to drive but are looking to improve, this program also offers defensive driving classes. 

Full Potential

This program focuses on getting kids off the streets by providing them with healthy and exciting extracurricular activities. If you’re concerned about the cost, don’t be! Full Potential is also responsible for assisting families with the related expenses, all in the name of providing the children of our communities with positive childhood experiences.

Youth Services and Mentoring

Teens are one of the most at-risk groups in many communities. Youth Services and Mentoring works to address specific issues affecting teens in our counties and provides mentoring for at-risk youth. This program also provides education on substance abuse issues and Sources of Strength youth suicide prevention training.

Parent Education

Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, but this program is happy to provide parenting education and support to make raising a tiny human a little easier. Parenting Education hosts Child-Parent Relationship Training, Good Dads, and Parent Cafes. 

Missouri Reentry Program

This program is dedicated to providing individuals under judicial supervision with the  necessary support to enter approved transitional housing programs. 

Community Coalitions

Made up of volunteers and Alliance members, Community Coalitions are focused on assembling local individuals to promote safer, healthier, and drug-free communities.