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HOPE Conference is a child abuse and domestic violence prevention conference. The date is April 12th and will be held at Calvary Baptist Church facility in Joplin. Information about topics will be found under the HOPE Conference tab (above). Topics are: 1) Clicking for Love in All the Wrong Places: How Porn is Shaping Sexual Behavior in Teens 2) Not For Sale: Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention 3) Parenting Survival: Strategies Learned Through Attachment 4) Preventing and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse 5) Drug Endangered Children 6) Social Media and Our Children 7) In Her Shoes Domestic Violence Simulation 8) The Cost of Caring And How to Renew Your Strength 9) Join the CREW: Create Hope and Everyone Wins 10) Bullying --- Child's Play or Violence 11) Parent Cafe


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  • I am a survivor of child sexual abuse.  The Alliance helped me see this is not just my fight.

  • The Alliance is helping make our community a smarter, better, and safer place one person at a time. Thank you for showing us how important we are to our community and family. Now that we have been educated, we can educate others.

  • The person that I have become, with the help of The Alliance and other organizations, is a person I can look in the mirror and smile at, loving who I am and what I am about today! Before The Alliance, I couldn’t look people in the eye let alone look at myself.

  • As a result of my work with The Alliance, I have a wonderful new, clean, and safe home for my children.  I’m a graduate of the GED program with honors and I hold multiple certificates from The University of Missouri (public service work).  I am a better person, parent, sister, and daughter.

  • Because of the programs at The Alliance, our family has been able to succeed in numerous ways….thank you!

  • Our conversation today was uplifting and positive. I really needed that! God is always on time and I truly believe He used you today. Your program is a blessing!


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