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    HOPE Conference 2014 is scheduled for May 2nd. More information to come!


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    Safe Kids Fair

    Join us for the Safe Kids Fair on April 25th from…
    • 25 - 04 - 2014 02:00pm - 04:00pm
    • Newton County Health Department


    • Our conversation today was uplifting and positive. I really needed that! God is always on time and I truly believe He used you today. Your program is a blessing!

    • Because of the programs at The Alliance, our family has been able to succeed in numerous ways….thank you!

    • The person that I have become, with the help of The Alliance and other organizations, is a person I can look in the mirror and smile at, loving who I am and what I am about today! Before The Alliance, I couldn’t look people in the eye let alone look at myself.

    • I am a survivor of child sexual abuse.  The Alliance helped me see this is not just my fight.

    • The Alliance is helping make our community a smarter, better, and safer place one person at a time. Thank you for showing us how important we are to our community and family. Now that we have been educated, we can educate others.

    • As a result of my work with The Alliance, I have a wonderful new, clean, and safe home for my children.  I’m a graduate of the GED program with honors and I hold multiple certificates from The University of Missouri (public service work).  I am a better person, parent, sister, and daughter.


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